Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#404...glitter art

My sister Julie told me that she really liked the glitter art done by Camomile Hixon that she saw on Home by Novagratz. I decided to try making a glitter art piece for Julie's house to hang in my new niece Lyla's room.
I used blue painter's tape to create a large "L" on a gallery wrapped canvas that I painted with a background wash of light gray.
I bought all of the supplies for this project at the local Michael's craft store. (I used 4 of the glitter packs pictured for the piece)
I decided to make stripes in the same pattern that the glitter came in the pack pictured above. Julie is much better at math than me, so she taped off the stripes while I rocked Lyla. I painted out each stripe with the tacky glue using the above pictured sponge and then sprinkled the glitter packets atop the glue.
I glittered every other row, and then ripped the tape back and carefully glued and glittered the in-between stripes.
Here is the finished piece, ready to hang on Lyla's wall tomorrow.


sol said...

are you going to seal it? or is it okay as is?
great idea!

Christie Chase said...

Hi Sol,
I'm not sealing this one, but I am going to try making some smaller ones at home, and I think I'll try spray sealing them so that I can ship them.