Friday, December 2, 2011

#420...sarah's room

I've previously posted about my sister Sarah's 1950's apartment here (bathroom) and here (kitchen). Today, I have some shots of her bedroom to share. The apartment is light, airy and has really lovely old floors, so it was easy to turn it into a pretty, welcoming room.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Chase,

I enjoy reading your blog and have learned much from you! I am in the midst of a kitchen renovation. I would like to build in a seated dining area, very much like you did in your own kitchen. If it is possible, could you provide the dimensions of the seating area? (i.e. the height of seats from floor up, where the back of the bench ends? Also, do the seats flip up to accommodate storage, as I am considering? Lastly, can you also provide dimensions of the table height and width? My husband and I would be very grateful.

Again, thank you for your insightful, creative and informative blog!

Pamela H.

Christie Chase said...

Hi Pamela,
Our seating benches are 19 inches tall and 21 inches deep from the wall to front edge of the seat. The seats do flip up to access the storage space below the bench. The table is roughly 38" x 26" x 30" tall

Good Luck!

Alice M said...

I love the fabric of the pillow and the coverlet. Could you give some additional info about those two?

Christie Chase said...

Hi Alice,
I posted links to the pillow fabric and duvet at the below link. (Unfortunately, Urban O is out of the duvet, but you may be able to find it on ebay.)

Christie Chase said...

Hi again Alice,
I just noticed that Calico Corners is not carrying the Thomas Paul fabric anymore. The pattern is called "Dahlia" and I found it out there on various sites through google.


Lori said...

Beautiful room! I love the art collage. Calico Corners does still have Thomas Paul fabrics, we actually just doubled the selection with some additons from his newest collection!
Lori Cropp

Christie Chase said...

Hi Lori,
Thanks for the update. I am so glad to know that Calico Corners still has the Thomas Paul fabric....and I've been eyeing the dragonfly print for a project, so I am super excited to see you have that!


Kelly Timmons said...

I love the chest of drawers with the different hardware! The apartment looks cozy and fresh!