Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#512...thomas wold inspired

I really admire the work of furniture maker thomas wold. I love that he takes old, broken, discarded pieces of furniture and turns them into cabinet works of art. Inspired by his work, I decided to create a cabinet masterpiece of my own.
I scavenged around my house and decided to use this cabinet, two end tables (seen here as a bench), an embellished Ikea clock, and two wood Ikea planter boxes. I precariously set up my cabinet to figure out what else I needed to make it balance.
All I was really lacking was a leg on the right side (where the box is above). I painted the wooden planter boxes, and Tyler built a crate style box leg using reclaimed wood and some metal straps, and he attached the cabinet parts together for me.

Here's the leg.....

and the finished cabinet................

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Unknown said...

wow!!!! wonderful!