Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#549...pottery cabana progress

It took us forever, but we finally moved all of my kiln and pottery accessories into the pottery cabana.
We ordered these floating slat wall brackets on ebay, and used a pine board to make a narrow shelf above my kiln and slab roller table to house my posts, stilts, and other clay tools. 

Under my table I stacked my glazes and used a burled root planter to hold my giant rolling pin, clay gun and test firing cones. (The big white appliance under the table is the portable heater/air conditioner for the cabana)
Hooray for small progress! Now onto the back wall decor.....


yonolotiraria.com said...

nice! i like it!

Levi Eslinger said...

I find it cool that you were really able to find an awesome space for your portable AC. It perfect under the table! Hahaha. I guess, that’s the advantage of having one. There’s no installation required. You can just put it anywhere safe and comfortable.
Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing and Heating

Bernie Ralph said...

That’s the beauty of having a portable aircon. If the unit will be wall mounted, you still need to consider some space in the wall. Unlike with a portable one, you can just settle it in one corner or anywhere it fits in. It saves you so much time and effort of setting it up.
Bernie Ralph @ Evo Air

Terry Williams said...

Heat is really one of the factors why you have trouble sleeping. Well, now that you have that portable air conditioner, you’ll definitely have a good night’s sleep. A portable AC is designed to keep a certain room cool at less cost. The great thing about it is that you achieve maximum comfort while consuming minimal energy.
Terry Williams @ Action Heating and Air Conditioning