Wednesday, April 8, 2009

#7...from bride to baby

This week I have been working on a quilting project that involved turning this scrap of bridal lace into a keepsake quilt for baby.
When I was first sent the lace for this project, which amounted to a narrow strip cut off from the hem of the mommy-to-be's wedding dress, I was perplexed about how little material there was, and how I was going to turn it into a quilt that showcased the lace.
With the help of my sister, we came up with a design to cut out the lace flowers and embroider them as a little garden centerpiece for the quilt. I do not do embroidery that often, and I really misjudged the time it takes, but I really like how the little garden turned out. I chose to border the garden with a patchwork pattern using several pink floral, dot and striped cottons. I added a monogram square with baby's initials on it, and since she arrived early, I embroidered her birthday on too!

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melifaif said...

Where do you find the time????? You can do it ALL!!!!