Tuesday, August 4, 2009

#47...the power of photography

The bathroom vanity pictured below is from a recent real estate listing that I staged. I thought that this was a really good example of the power of a professional photograph. Don't you agree? In this instance, a picture really is worth a thousand words. The before shot is saying dingy, old, broken, and cluttered, while the after shot is screaming clean, fresh, charming and spa-like. There actually was very little done in this bathroom to get it ready to sell, and yet such a dramatic difference. The counters were cleared and all towels, robes and bathmats were removed to open the space up and depersonalize. The cabinet doors were rehung so that they close properly. The walls above the muted yellow vintage tile were painted bright white instead of the greenish/gray they were before. Normally, I love grey and yellow together, but in this bathroom the grey did nothing for the muted yellow tiles except make it look dirty and old. The rusted metal wall mounted soap tray above the sink was replaced with a new clean white ceramic version. A few new white and soft aqua towels were folded and hung and a new modern white soap dispenser finished the room out. These homeowners spent less than $100 to fix and clean-up this space, and their efforts helped result in a quick sale.


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Vanessa said...

The difference is night and day. It looks fabulous!