Monday, March 1, 2010 pipe side table

My brother Mike, and sister-in-law Kelly needed a side table next to their couch, but the space was very narrow and long. I decided to make something out of plumbing pipe and wood to custom fit their space. I have used plumbing pipe in other home decor projects like these drapery rods. Here is how I made their table.....

I had a piece of wood cut at Home Depot to our needed size of 10inches by 38 inches. I purchased four 3/4 inch pipes and 8 corresponding flanges from the plumbing section at Home Depot. The plumbing pipe comes in varying pre-made lengths, or they can cut and thread pipe to any length for you in the store. (I used 24" tall pipes)
I screwed four of the flanges into the wood using short, wide, wood screws, so that the screw head was wide enough to hold the flange on, but the screw was not long enough to come through  the other side of the table top. Next, I put the pipe legs on, and the other four flanges (which serve as feet so the table does not rock)

Since this table fits into a narrow space and does not show the sides, I decided to forgo sewing a proper pleated table skirt and merely hemmed some lengths of fabric, and draped them crosswise over the table.
After the table was in place, we plugged in the lamp and speakers that sit atop the table, and pushed the couch back into place. I also had a piece of 1/4 inch glass cut in the same 10inch by 38inch dimension to help hold the fabric in place, keep it clean, and give the table a more finished look.


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