Wednesday, March 24, 2010

#160...pillow welting

Admittedly, I am not good at adding welting (or piping as you may call it) to pillows. Sometimes it comes out great, and other times the corners are terrible, the stitching is wavy causing the welting to be loose in some places....making the pillow altogether not good.

I wanted to become a better welter (is that a word?) I consulted Matthew Haly's book of Upholstery, which was very helpful on the topic. Haly shows how to successfully make your own welting, how to sew it in, and gives helpful tips on clipping the corners and using the proper machine foot. While working through his steps to make a welted pillow, I learned something about pillow making that I had never read before. He suggests that to make a nicely stuffed square pillow, you actually use a curved pattern like this.....

I tried his pattern making technique and my pillows are coming out much better. Above and below are some welted pillows I've made, and I am pleased with how professional they turned out, thanks to Haly's book.

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