Monday, May 17, 2010

#186...antiqued mini pie safe

My client Erin wanted to have this kid-size pie safe antiqued to give it personality, and coordinate with her kitchen. I think she intends for her kids to be able to store their treasures in it. Here is the finished piece.
To antique it, I started by taking the door off, and priming the exterior with my favorite XIM primer. Next I painted the exterior in an aqua blue oil enamel. Once that dried, I painted over the blue in a gold colored oil enamel. Once that dried, I painted over the gold with a cream colored oil enamel. Then I began the sanding using my Mouse sander, applying uneven pressure to the piece to get the paint to sand off in varying layers, revealing the three colors. I paid close attention to the edges of the cabinet, trying to sand them down through the paint colors without sanding too far back to the raw wood. I varnished the entire piece with Watco Wipe-on Poly Satin finish. I decided to stain the interior of the cabinet for a real authentic country feel.
To illustrate the small scale of this piece,  I placed my little 4" Heath ceramics vase with geranium leaves inside.

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