Wednesday, May 19, 2010

#187...finishing the kitchen quick

My newly remodeled bathroom garnered some attention from an editor at a national magazine that is interested in doing a feature about my kitchen and my bathroom. I am super excited....but there is one minor issue....only one side of my galley style kitchen is completely finished being remodeled.
Luckily, they do not need to take the pictures for a bit, so I have the month of June to finish the other side. The issue with the left side of the room is that for the past 6 years, our washer and dryer have been in our kitchen and a few months ago, we moved them out of the kitchen to their new home in another part of the house. This left a gaping hole in the kitchen and several unpatched holes in the wall. Here is a picture of how it looks today.....the cat currently eats on top of the empty wine refrigerator.
I have plans to remodel this area and the adjoining banquette space, as I have never been happy with the table set-up that is sort of make-shift. I put together an e-board of ideas that I'd like to implement in this space to finish the kitchen.

The first step in my design plan is to decide what type of cabinet to put in the old washer/dryer hole. I want it to be something unique and different than my other cabinetry and to look like a piece of furniture. On the e-board you can see a campaign style cabinet that I saw in a back issue of Lonny magazine. I really like the style and bright color of the cabinet. I found this campaign style cabinet at Goodwill yesterday and got it for $10....(they gave me $10 off because it is in terrible, terrible shape....some of the drawers don't even have sides). I'm not exactly sure that I can save it, but I thought the hardware was worth $10 at the least.

I'll keep you posted on the progress of my kitchen as I quickly finish it up!


Mindy said...

Congrats on the national magazine interest! I can't wait to see what you do with that campaign cabinet and side of your kitchen.

the dowiaks said...

wow! national magazine! can't wait to hear more about that! and see what you decide on the kitchen.

why is your wine fridge EMPTY??? :)

Unknown said...

Congrats Christie - that's very exciting news. No doubt you'll pull off something fantastic for the other side of the kitchen in no time! I can't wait to see it.