Friday, January 7, 2011 inspiration boards

The beauty of having magnetic inspiration boards is that I can change inspiration images often. The reality is that I never change the pictures, and the boards have held the same images for the past three years.

My magnetic boards flank the window in my studio. You can see them below.

Today, I cleared off my boards to fill with new inspiration images. After taking them down and culling through, I realized there are a handful of images I still love to look at everyday, and missed as soon as they were gone. They are like old friends to me. These are the images that I'll be putting back up...along with some new ones.
hide and seek donkey

rex ray raindrop art

rodney smith, hudson river, new york 1995

hard to miss this well stickered case at baggage claim

...and food

maggie taylor, the herald

artsy wedding photos


I don't know this couple, but I love their giant striped art wall


giant damien hirst spin art

the art of paper cutting


Dina said...

Would love the donkey print for one of my walls. Can you please reveal the source?

Christie Chase said...

Hi Dina,
Sadly, I do not know the photographer of the donkey print. It was torn out of an issue from Metropolitan Home about 4 years ago. It does not have any wording on the page to tell me the artist.

ScenicLynn said...

Hi Christie, you posted a picture of a courtyard, stone wall with ivy, some olive oil jars, and gravel and pavers. I'm trying to locate the photographer to get copyright for using that photo. Do you have an idea of where or who that might be? Thanks for your help. Thanks LynnG