Wednesday, May 11, 2011

#336...painted glass desk top

About 8 years ago I bought this Bedford desk from Pottery Barn in white. It was the floor model, so it had a few dents. My desk lives in my TV room with this elfa shelving, these dog crates, and this seating arrangement. Over the years, the top surface of the desk got really dirty, and the more I cleaned it, the more the finish rubbed off, leaving a worn looking, rough, discolored desk top.

I decided to put a piece of glass atop the desk, to give it a new smooth surface. I wanted a colored glass, as clear glass would have still shown the discolored surface. After searching around for colored glass, I decided that the least expensive option would be to try painting the underside of clear glass and laying the glass painted side down on the desk.
I opted for white paint, and used a 4 inch foam roller to apply the paint as smoothly as possible. Here are some pics of my desk with the painted glass top and my office area at the back of my den.


Julie said...

looks pretty awesome, especially as I sit here at my black pottery barn desk top... scarred with lots of chips along the chair edge that i usually fill in with black magic marker

Anonymous said...

Same! That’s a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing!