Wednesday, March 31, 2010 sofa cushions

My couches have been looking a little sad lately. The cushions, which I covered myself 7 years ago, really needed a facelift.  Additionally, each couch had a bunch of loose cushions across the back, which always end up on the floor, and constantly needed arranging. I decided to have new cushions made for my couches. My couches are covered in marine grade textured pleather (vinyl) and have held up really well for the people and pets that use them; so I went with the same fabric for the new cushions, but decided to go for a cleaner, more modern look, opting for much fewer cushions. Also.....I decided to use a professional and not try to make them myself. 
I had the cushions made at a local upholstery shop, and while it was not an inexpensive endeavor, it was much less costly than buying two new couches. I decided to have the cushions made so that they could be reversible, offering a variety of looks for the couch. I am really pleased with how they turned out, and how much they changed the look of my room.

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