Thursday, March 25, 2010

#161...pelmet vs. cornice

My client Hilary asked me what the difference between a pelmet and a cornice is. I had no idea, so I consulted Webster, and basically a pelmet is a type of cornice.

1 : the molded and projecting horizontal member that crowns an architectural composition 
2 : a decorative band of metal or wood used to conceal curtain fixtures

1: a short valance or small cornice for concealing curtain fixtures

I made the above pelmet for Hilary, following the great tutorial from Jenny of  Little Green Notebook . This is the second pelmet that I've made following her instructions, (see my first one here), and have a few pointers of my own about crafting the pelmets.

First, instead of using a box cutter to cut the foam core, I used an Exacto-knife. I found that the box cutter kind of chewed up the foam core leaving the edges jaggedy, while the Exacto blade cut a smooth curve. This may also be because my box cutter blade is not changeable, while I used a brand new Exacto blade.

Second, when wrapping the pelmet with fabric and batting, I have not had much luck getting the fabric to tightly hold onto the foam core with only a staple gun. I have resorted to a combination of hot glue, staples and duct tape, as you can see here. You can also see that I added a thin piece of wood to the back of it, just for extra support and to help keep it firm.

My final tip is that I realized while making Hilary's pelmet that the back side of it could show from the outside of the window, depending on how you place the pelmet. I decided to use a scrap of white canvas and cover the lower half of the back of the pelmet so that from the outside of her window you don't see the duct tape, wood, staple, hot glue mess.


Carey said...

I love the fabric...could you tell us where you got it?!

Christie Chase said...

Hi Carey,
The fabric is from Calico Corners, called Bocce in is the link

It is on sale through Saturday!

Madge said...

hi christie!

same here, love the fabric! thanks for sharing the link.
i also love the first one you did, with the mother of pearl details, but it seem to require too much of my (very little) time to do it. i wish i can do it though!

oh, before i forget, can i ask, how did you hang it? what sort of hardware did you use

Christie Chase said...

Hi Madge,

To hang the pelmet I followed the instructions offered by the Little Green Notebook blog tutorial. I bought picture hangers that looked like this link

You can glue it on the back edges with epoxy or I whip stitched it on through the hole. Then you simply hang it up with two nails.

Madge said...

thanks so much, Christie! hope you'll keep sharing tips and tutorials, they're always awesome if it's from you!:)

Anonymous said...

How do you hang it up?