Wednesday, March 3, 2010

#149...totes take shape

Essentially, all tote bags are made from a pattern shaped like this
Whether short, tall, wide, deep or tiny, the depth, height and width of the tote are determined by how this pattern is manipulated

To sew a basic tote bag, you simply sew down the sides and across the bottom

Next you slip your hand inside the bag, and match the side seam and the bottom seam and sew across the corner like this

Then, turn your tote right side out, and that is basically it.....of course you can add linings, zippers, handles, velcro, or snaps just to name a few finishing touches

I recently bought a yard of this Japanese oilcloth from Echino by Etsuko Furuya, and using versions of the tote pattern shape above I made...

a computer case

a cosmetic bag

a sunglass sleeve

and a case to protect my camera and lenses from rattling around in my big carryall
(The computer case and camera bag are lined with this padded headliner used in automotive upholstery)

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