Friday, July 1, 2011

#357...dress turned shirt

I got this embroidered Miu Miu baby doll dress about 8 years ago from a thrift shop for about $6. I really love the embroidery on the top portion, but sadly, I've never worn it because short, blousy baby doll dresses make me uncomfortable.....or maybe I'm just too old to pull them off. I saw it in the attic today, and pulled it out to alter it into a top that I may actually wear!
First I marked where I wanted to cut it off, adding two inches to turn up for an elastic waist hem.
Next, I ironed the hem up an inch and then turned it up another inch to enclose the cut edge. I machine stitched all the way around the hem, leaving about 2 inches on the side seam open to slip the elastic into the casing. I use a safety pin to help the elastic easily guide through the casing.
Once the elastic is threaded through the casing, I overlay about an inch of it, and zig-zag sew the elastic several times so that it does not rip apart when stretched. Then the elastic ends fit into the casing and the 2 inch hole gets top-stitched shut. 
I'm glad I finally altered this is much more my style 
........and now I have a very patriotic outfit. Maybe I'll wear it on Monday if the weather in southern California, (where I'll be) is not 100 degrees like it is here in Houston. Happy Fourth!

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Anna said...

nice work, lady!