Wednesday, November 23, 2011

#416...cabana chair

I've been on the hunt for a chair for the cabana. I've dragged just about every chair in my house out there to try out, and have decided we need a wood chair to balance the heavily concrete and metal cabana interior. I really like the Hans chair by Dwell.
....but I'd have to sell my car to get it
When looking at the chair, I realized that it is somewhat similar to this chair that I bought at the Goodwill last year for $20, and have been hoarding in my garage.
Ok, so it is not as modern and it's skirted...
......but I figured it worth a try, so I ripped the skirt off, and put it out in the cabana
I'm trying out a few different fabric options for the cushions. My favorite thus far is this Robert Allen graphic print.

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Janet Huey said...

I think you have a great eye! That was a good repurposing of that chair and a good match for the cabana.