Monday, March 5, 2012

#457...thorny times for me

I noticed that one of my thorny backyard potted cactus's started blooming yesterday.
Today I had an MRI on my spine, and learned that I have a herniated disc between c6 and c7 vertabrae that has been the source of my back pain and arm numbness for the past two weeks. I will find out later this week whether I can use physical therapy to fix it, or whether I have to see a neuro-surgeon for it. I am really hoping for the physical therapy, although I anticipate a long road to being pain free. My posting is going to be light on the DIY's for awhile....expect to see more pics of plants and pets while I heal. Here is a pic I found on google of what my herniated disc looks like pushing on the nerve.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christie! So sorry to hear about your back...I'll pray that the PT is the answer. Big careful hugs! Ant Patty

Sara Carolina said...

So sorry to hear that you are in pain. I hope you are able to heal.

Unknown said...

Glad they found out what is causing your pain but hate that it's a herniated disc!! Hope PT helps you quickly!!

Teri said...

This is crazy, but i have been suffering from a c5-6 disc in my neck for the last 5 months. It has been a life-altering injury for me--and I bet our stories are very similar...i.e. have sought out various types of medical help, etc. Mine is not surgical (and I have heard to avoid surgery unless there is no other option!). I did PT for 8 weeks, and in my case, it was not successful. Looking into other options, as I'm still determined to get my life back. I'm really sorry you are going through this too. Chronic pain is not for the weak at heart. Stinks to get old. Email me if you want to chat about it.Hope you feel better really soon!

Krysta said...

Oh, I feel for you! I had a severly herniated disc last summer (to the point where I couldn't walk.. or sit or lay comfortably) and ended up having to go the surgery route. But I'm hoping you can feel better with PT!

Anonymous said...

I've got 2,5 slipped discs (c4, c5, c6) and tried everything to get rid of the pain.
What helps is Ostheopathy and yoga. If only I had known this earlier! Best thing to start with is Viniyoga - it is really soft and made for people with issues. (I can even do power yoga now - but I would obviously advise against that.) Get well soon!

41, from Germany