Friday, March 23, 2012

#464...gone to the dogs

Spring is here, and to celebrate I made my dogs some new slipcovers for their beds. You can see previous covers here and here. I wash the covers weekly, but eventually they get too grungy and I make new ones for them. These bright covers are made from a soft polar fleece.

I always have to force them in to try out their new bed covers, hence the looks of panic. Speaking of dogs and decor, this article from House Beautiful Feb 2012 really made me laugh, so I clipped and scanned it for those of you, like me, who love home decorating and are constantly trying to find chic ways to accommodate fur family members.

Carol Prisant is author of the memoir DOG HOUSE: A LOVE STORY


Phyllisa said...

Ohhh, yes! I'd read this one upon getting this one. My black lab/Pitt cross cannot help but sit where I least expect her. I've given up on the fight against fuzz!

sol said...

I should print out copies of your doggies for Violet as
these are great pictures! She'll love them!