Wednesday, May 9, 2012 art groupings

A few years ago, I wrote a tutorial  post on how to hang a gallery art wall. You can read my hanging tips here. I help many clients hang gallery art walls in their homes, and I still basically follow my own guidelines, with one major exception. I used to arrange the frames on the floor and then draw a diagram of them prior to hanging (which you can see example of in my previous post). I now simply take a reference photo of the arrangement instead of making the sketch. It's a crucial step, because as soon as you pick a few frames up to put on the wall, it is hard to remember how they fit together. Here are some reference photos I took of a gallery photo wall I hung recently.
...and here is a progression of my hanging client has some work to do now filling her frames with photos.

I love the graphic quality of gallery grouped art displays. Here are a few inspiring groupings found via Pinterest.


Julie said...

Filling with pictures would be the easy part for me ;) I half expected to scroll thru your example photos and see J's Frame Madness! Ha!

Christie Chase said...

I've never actually taken a picture of "frame madness". Hard to get a shot in there without capturing the toilet.....but it is a shining example of graphic gallery grouping!