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While in California, my Mother-in-law gave me a few vintage clothing pieces from her closet. She thought I should cut them up and re-purpose the fabric, but when I got home and put them on, I actually liked them, and they fit...hooray! They are all from the late 60's/early 70's and definitely look that era. I wear a lot of vintage stuff, but these are a little too vintage, so I did an experiment in updating them. I put each piece on with how I thought it would have been styled back in the day, then I tried to find a way that I could wear it and make it look more current. Here is a photo montage of my efforts in updating my new vintage digs.

First up is this long leather tassel vest. Here's my flashback effort...
...and here is my updated use for the vest.

Next up is a blue lace leisure suit with vest and slacks. Here's my flashback attempt.
Obviously, I had to separate the vest and pants to update the pieces.

The last piece she gave me was a linen stripe tank jumper. Here's my flashback outfit.
At first I thought there was no way that I would wear this jumper, but then I cut the buttons off, and I think it will make a great outfit whenever cold weather comes back to Texas.
One of my clients recently asked me to help her update her husband's wardrobe. We used photos like those above to show many ways to wear one piece. The pictures really helped give each item purpose, and helped us figure out what he should keep and ditch. Also, they helped highlight the few items that he needed to add to his wardrobe. 

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Janet said...

What a great eye you have!I would have thought "no way".