Monday, January 14, 2013

#567...infinity loop scarf

This past summer I made a bunch of silk infinity loop scarves, and decided to make some more this week as birthday gifts. Only thing was I forgot how I made them, and spent 30 minutes re-figuring it out. This time, I decided to diagram the directions for future use.

1. cut a piece of fabric about 15" in width and 63"- 72" in length
2. fold the fabric in half with right sides together to make a long tube. Stitch the edges together, leaving about 3 inches unstitched on each end of the tube.
3. TURN THE TUBE RIGHT SIDE OUT. very important (i forgot this step several times)
4. with right sides together, stitch the ends of the scarf together creating the loop. This step was hard to draw as the scarf is right side out, but you are using the openings left at each end to work on the inside of the scarf.
5. now you have a loop scarf with a 5" or so opening in the seam that you need to slip stitch together by hand 
These scarves are both made from stretch knit. The top pink stripe one is looped twice around my neck, and the multi-color stripe is looped three times.

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