Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#368...mirror grouping

I've been helping my clients Steven and Tara update their house. This week, we hung a mirror grouping over a console table that sits behind their sofa. Here is a pic of the area before. 
It looked nice, but they wanted the area to feel a little less traditional in style, and I thought we could make the wall feel bigger with a grouping of mirrors. 

I sourced the mirrors and lamp from HomeGoods, over a few weeks of shopping.

In addition to the mirror wall, I spent some time styling their bookcases. They just had them re-done and needed some new accessories to fill them. I brought some thrifted books, and some new and vintage finds.

Earlier this year, I encouraged them to take the plunge and update their fireplace with paint. Steven painted it himself.

After...pretty dramatic change right?

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