Monday, September 23, 2013 portland

We went to Portland, Oregon to visit Mike and Kelly for a long weekend. 
While there we....
....drank lots of Stumptown coffee

...lusted after this air plant centerpiece in the lobby of the Ace Hotel

...happened upon a taping of Portlandia outside Mike & Kelly's apartment building

...geeked out at the Pendleton fabric store

...saw some art cars, (but none that rivaled the art cars we have here in Houston)

...strolled the Portland Saturday Market, and played with the wares by

...attended a Timbers Soccer match...
...where amazingly the most sold souvenir is a Timbers scarf. (You could tell by my awe and amazement over the scarves I'm over hot summer weather this year)

...and lastly took a really blurry, rainy, photo of the Portland sign from the car. This is the photo I would have liked to get of the sign, but I would have gotten very wet...and probably run over.

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Anonymous said...

The Pendleton Store alone makes a visit to Portland worth the trip! I did not know Pendleton had a fabric shop there (though it seems logical). I have not been to Portland for more than 20 years - looks like a visit is in order. Thanks for the enlightening post!