Monday, February 3, 2014

#398...reclaimed wood logo sign

For the commercial real estate office space I've been working on this year (see more about it here) we decided to create an artistic logo sign for one of the prominent walls in the conference table area, using the logo that my graphic artist sister Sarah created for the business a few years ago.
Tyler spearheaded this project, because he is the one who creatively suggested using distressed wood for the sign. First, we hit- up a demolition site for some old wood to use. One of the two brokers is about to build a new home on an old lot, so we knew just where to go to scavenge.
First, he pieced together the wood to create a background for the logo. He primarily looked for pieces with white paint on them to serve as backdrop to the colors of the logo.
Sarah sized the logo to a 36 x 36 size, and separated the layers so that they could be printed separately to create stencils for painting.

We cut the shapes out to make the stencils using  X-acto knives.
Holding the stencils down while spray painting was tricky, but having four hands helps.

This weekend we hung the finished sign in the office space.


Jill said...

Can you make me one too?!

Jill said...

Can you make me one too?

Jill said...
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Unknown said...

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