Friday, February 21, 2014

#402...otami fabric as art

I recently created this room design e-board for my client Christin. She lives in a mid-century house and has a love of  Day of the Dead and Mexican folk art. My goal was to combine an ethnic vibe with mid-century furnishings for her playroom/sitting room. One of the ideas I put on the board was to stretch a piece of Mexican Otami fabric over a wood frame and hang it as art. 
As luck would have it, the same week I sent her this design board, the thrift store Gods smiled on me and I ran across the above piece of Otami which was priced about $45, and I thought would work in Christin's mid-century Mexican room.
I measured the piece of fabric, and bought stretcher bars about 2" smaller than the fabric dimensions.
The stretcher bar ends fit together like a puzzle to create the 90 degree corners of the frame.

I used a corner square and hammer to make sure the corners were just right.
Next, I laid the frame on the fabric and followed this video's method of stapling in a circle to attach the fabric.

The finished size of this piece was 26x30.

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