Saturday, March 1, 2014

#403...woven rope light strand

For the holidays, I wrapped a light strand around my laundry/bath mirror (see it here), and I have left it up this year because I like the lighted effect. The strand looks pretty Christmasy, and I've been searchign for a way to make a less holiday looking light strand for the mirror. I came across this DIY on A Merry Mishap, and thought I would give it a try around the mirror.
I bought some thick rope at the local hardware store and used one of my LED light strands that I had out for the holiday home tour.
To weave the light strand into the rope, you pull the rope apart against the twist.

We used two galvanized nails to drape the rope around the mirror. I tied the rope knots to hide the plug ends.

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France Geek said...

This is adorable and clever. Thanks! Im thinking of doing something similar but with chain.