Tuesday, March 11, 2014

#405...cement entry steps

The 1000 plus people that came through our house for the holiday home tour put the final nail in the coffin of our front slate steps, which were already crumbling before the tour. Since we are working on cementing our entire property, we got ourselves some new cement steps poured. The cement guy told us that we would have to add a step to the configuration. We used to have 3 deeper steps and now we have 4 shallower steps. It has taken some getting used to the added step. I trip over the steps nearly once a day running out of the house.


Here are some during shots...

I finally finished painting the railings, and spent a little time outside replacing and trimming our potted chimney plants. Sadly, we lost our potted pencil cactus tree (see it here) during the unusually cold winter we had this year. I replaced it with some sticks of fire variety pencil cactus plants that I picked up at a local nursery. Hopefully by the end of summer it will have grown back into a tree.

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