Monday, March 24, 2014

#407...window planter bedside table upcycle

For the past couple years, the loft bed has looked like this picture above, with planter boxes hanging on the wall as bedside tables, filled with holiday light strands. I posted about this here. The light strands burned out, so I decided to upgrade the bedside boxes and make them more functional. 
To give the area some lighting, we added some swivel reading lamps on either side of the painted headboard. I once blogged about the headboard here.
Next, we cut some pieces of leftover shiplap (which I sanded and waxed) to cover a portion of the wire basket and serve as a tabletop. We thought keeping the basket space accessible would be more functional than covering the entire box. This was a pretty simple fix, but I feel like they are a lot more functional now. You may also wonder what happened to the small chests at the foot of the bed. Well....they sort of blocked access to the bed, so we re-purposed one here.....and the other here (sans yellow base).

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