Wednesday, June 24, 2009

#32...learning my upholstery limits

The other day, I posted a chair that I recovered myself.......however, I do have upholstery limits. For example, pictured above is a chair I found on ebay for $10 (please note that it cost $90 to ship to me.) The leather that came on it looks surprisingly good in this photo, but in actuality it was cracked, dried out and came off the chair when you brushed against it. The chair is an Ekornes Stressless recliner from the 1970's. Originally, I really wanted an Eames Lounge chair, but Tyler wanted something a little taller than Eames, so we settled on this vintage Ekornes. I bought $25 worth of white marine grade vinyl and took it to the upholsterer. He charged me $175 to recover it.....bringing my total for the chair to $300, which I was happy to pay, as I could not have accomplished all of the button detail had I tried to recover this myself.