Monday, July 6, 2009

#35...railing realities

porch before

This is my friend Nancy's house. She has become quite the DIY'er, so when she decided to makeover the front porch on her early 1900's bungalow, Tyler and I encouraged her to try building her own railing, instead of hiring someone to do the project. We offered to help her, so one recent Sunday the three of us set out to complete the railing project.
I would like to tell you that we measured twice, cut once, and completed the project in a few easy hours, but in actuality we measured eight times, still mis-cut some things, and took about 4 hours longer than we thought we would to complete the railing. But....when all was said and done, it turned out great. Nancy spent about $500 on railing materials and saved at least that much if not double in labor costs by doing the project herself.
Once we finished, it looked so nice that she hired me to decorate her new outdoor room, so stay tuned for photos of the new decor upcoming this week.
under construction

and...we're finished!

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