Thursday, January 7, 2010

#121...e-decorating (by me) has arrived!

Last year, I started doing some e-decorating and posted here about putting e-decorating plans up for sale on etsy, and today, after I created the above e-board for my my friend Laura's kitchen... I finally did it! You can check out my etsy shop and my e-decorating services here. Thanks for looking!

Here is some background on Laura's e-board:
Laura and her husband Adam recently bought their first house, and have been struggling with what to do in the kitchen, as they are not in love with the cabinets, back splash, or light fixtures. The walls are stark white, the cabinets a honey color, the back splash a glazed turquoise 4" square tile, and the light fixture over the breakfast area looks like it came off a space ship, and is so pointy that could easily take an eye out. Overall, it has a more contemporary style than their taste. Someday, they may want to do a big kitchen reno, but for now they are planning to live with it.

I helped Laura pick out a paint color to help warm up and soften the kitchen. We chose Sherwin Williams Ramie. Today, I started thinking about what I would do to decorate the kitchen and change the feel of the room to fit their antique, traditional style. I got inspired by the color palette of the room below found on House of Turquoise.

I would start with replacing the light fixture, cabinet pulls, and faucet with rustic-feeling rubbed bronze fixtures. I like the idea of hanging a magnetic chalkboard in the space above the range to break up the wide expanse of turquoise tile. It would be a great place to stick recipes and write menus and shopping lists. The breakfast area is opposite the turquoise and wood, and would gain some personality and color with a hanging display of eclectic plates bringing some color to that side of the room. The rest of the board items are simply pretty accessories like pot holders and coffee mugs that help tie in the color scheme.

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I already referred a friend who loves Lilly's room!