Friday, January 15, 2010

#124...scrap circle pillow

I felt like the white quilted boudoir pillow on my bed looked a little too plain.
I got inspired by the Layla pillow from Crate&Barrel
I used a circular roll of tape, a spool of thread, and a circular juice glass and traced various size circles onto scraps of grey crushed velvet, and grey wool felt.

I arranged and pinned the circles in a pattern that I liked. Then I hand tacked the circles to the pillow using a running straight stitch that took me about an hour. I already had the scraps of fabric, so this pillow update cost me $0, and I think it added the personality that was missing from my bedding.


Julie said...

we need some of that great personality in our WHOLE HOUSE!

autumn said...

i love this!
so sophisticated.
i hope you don't mind, but i am going to steal your picture and post it on my blog this week~
have a great day!