Tuesday, January 26, 2010

#130...side table update

I got this little side table at the Goodwill for about $12. It was in pretty good shape minus some scratches and wear on the top, and the jagged hole someone had cut in the back of it, I assume for wires.

To personalize and refresh the piece for its new home in my client's office, I painted out the top, sides, drawer front, and interior with cherry red paint. Next, I gave the painted panels a faux linen look by diluting brown acrylic paint, painting the brown glaze over the surface and then dragging the above plastic painters comb vertically and horizontally across the surface removing some of the glaze.
I also cut a new back for the cabinet from foam core, wrapped it in a coordinating red faux leather vinyl and wedged it into the back of the cabinet to hide the hole. I varnished the entire piece with this satin finish Wipe-on-Poly.
It is a subtle change, and a little hard to see in these pictures, but the piece looks a lot nicer. I'll share the results from this room makeover later this week.

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