Wednesday, August 4, 2010

#217...sol's new bath

I recently got invited to see the finished product of my client Sol's small bungalow bathroom. I created an e-board for her, and she implemented the plan, and it really brightened up her bath. Here are two shots of her bath before. She had a lot of green going on, the lighting was dim, and she and her husband wanted it to have more personality and a more polished look.

Here is the e-board I did for the bath. I was going for a clean-lined yet whimsical spa feel for the small bath.
Since there are no windows in the room, I suggested they hang a large window-esque photo over the toilet. The walls got painted a cool gray/white color, and the shower curtain got toned down to a simple white that really helped open up the room and took away the big "green" wall that previously dominated the room. Nothing really changed structurally in the bath, short of removing a large unused wall cabinet and adding new lighting, it was more about adding accessories to create the bath they wanted. Here is the end result. I wish I had a wider angle lens to do it justice, but hopefully you can still appreciate and see the change. Thanks Sol for letting me see the end result in person!

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