Friday, August 27, 2010

#228...buttons abound

Tyler's navy blue blazer had lost a few buttons. (This is not him above, just a blazer example). I searched the local fabric stores and was disappointed in the quality of gold blazer buttons they had to offer; however, at the thrift shop some very nice shiny gold buttons caught my eye on a vintage men's blazer. They really don't make things (even buttons) like they used to.

I purchased 3 thrift shop blazers each with really nice quality buttons. Tyler chose the buttons for his blazer, and I replaced them. Afterward, I was left with a lot of gold, nautical inspired buttons that needed a home.

I clustered them together and stitched them onto the above cotton tank, adding some jewelry to my top.
I made the tank from some Liberty of London fabric that I got on sale at a local shop. Below I attempted to model it, to show the tank in action.....of course I had to crop my messy mop of  hair out of the shot as not to distract from my top.

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Unknown said...

I love that top...the fabric is really cool. Great idea on adding the buttons.