Friday, August 20, 2010

#224...photoshoot at mi casa

I spent the last two days watching Photographer Gustav Schmiege and Field Editor Susan Fox work their magic at my house. The photo shoot of my kitchen and bathroom is for Better Home and Gardens Special Interest Magazine Kitchen and Bath Makeovers, and it was so much fun, and such a great honor to have Susan and Gus shoot my home.

I really learned a lot from both Susan and Gus. Susan has a great eye, and it was so interesting to see how the staging for a photo shoot is different from how you decorate to live in a space. It differs more than I thought it would from either my decorating experience or my real estate staging experience, and I can see that it takes some practice. Additionally, Susan's job was to make sure that all of the requirements and shot requests that the magazine editors sent were met. I really enjoyed watching her work, and think with a little training, I might be good at being a photo stylist. Also, Susan wrote the nicest little write-up about me on her blog Love Where You Live.

Gus is an awesome photographer. He had some of his portfolio with him, and I really enjoyed looking through it. His work is really worth a look online here. He was so easy going, and answered a million camera questions that I was throwing at him, and even helped me better understand my own Canon camera. His job was so much more involved than I imagined, as he spent as much time setting up each shot as he did capturing it.

The little owls above are holding leftover remnants of some of the staging flowers from the shoot. I tried to make them little hats from the bits of flowers. Here are some of my shots of Susan and Gus hard at work.

....more leftover flowers for us to enjoy this weekend!


My Galveston Cottage said...

HI Christie!
Thank you for allowing us to photograph your home. You have an amazing place! I've been so inspired by your creativity!! I've been talking about it with all my friends. Take care and stay cool! -s

Anonymous said...

That is so neat! I hope you showed the designers your before pictures! The transformation is amazing.

Kids are back at school, now to sew for the playroom.


the dowiaks said...

how cool, christie!! can't wait to see it in the magazine.