Monday, August 9, 2010

#219...chalkboards and drawer liners

I am busy getting ready for my kitchen and bath photo shoot, which is just around the corner. This weekend, I decided to line my new cabinet drawers with this gift wrap from iota that I picked up at my local HomeGoods for $2 a roll.
To line the drawers I measured the drawers and then cut the paper about a 1/4" bigger than needed. I used double sided tape to adhere the liners. I placed a few pieces of tape in the center of each drawer and then smoothed the paper toward the sides and trimmed the excess with an X-acto knife. Then I put a small piece of tape under each corner.

I also decided to turn my upper cabinet doors into chalkboards using this Contact chalkboard paper. It was really easy to apply, I just had to go slowly, smoothing as I went.
I bought this Crayola drawing chalk and did a little color test on the left door.


Unknown said...

The chalkboard contact paper is fantastic. It's a great, simple alternative to chalkboard paint. And, by the way, I absolutely love the campaign-style chest. I've looked at the pictures of your piece on several different occasions. Would you mind sharing the name of the woodworker in Houston that you used? I'm considering a lower, longer chest in my living room or nightstands for my bedroom. Wonderful kitchen!

Christie Chase said...

Hi Lisa,
We used a local cabinet maker named Jesse Valdez (281) 216-7845 to make the custom cabinet. He did a very nice job, but I did all of the sanding, priming and painting of the piece and provided the hardware that I had taken off of a vintage piece of furniture I had. If you want a more full service custom furniture experience you should check out Lucas Craftmanship at
They have built really nice pieces for several of my clients as well.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your generosity in sharing this information! I'm sure other blog visitors must have been wondering the same thing. The cabinet is really well done -- design, painting, and all.