Friday, August 13, 2010

#221...sara's coffeetable & clock

I have been helping my client Sara add some life and color to her family room/playroom. We started with this "pressed flower" fabric by Anna Maria Horner.
I made her a bunch of pillows with a coordinating chenille print.

I painted her this small end table to fit between her sofa and club chair

....and this week, I finally delivered her coffee table, that features a chalk board top that I painted with this Rustoleum chalkboard paint. Prior to delivering it, I cleverly conditioned the board with blue chalk by rubbing it all over and wiping it in, which is a recommended practice with chalkboards to keep the chalk from leaving a permanent stain. Every once in a while you are supposed to clean your board with water. Within two seconds of being there, her two-year-old rubbed his hands on the table and then on the couch leaving blue hand prints.   Oops.....I forget about the kid factor sometimes. She simply washed the chalk conditioning off, and is planning to let the kids draw on it unconditioned, and then when she is sick of the chalkboard can simply paint over it. In addition to the chalkboard top, the base is painted in Noir and Bronze by Pratt & Lambert.

I also found this clock at the Goodwill and attempted to make it over for her room. I thought it would come apart, but it did not, so I had to merely paint over what was there. It's not mine or Sara's favorite, but it is ticking for now, until I find her something else.

clock before

clock after