Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#227...botanicals for the wall

Many years ago, I painted these botanical canvases for my cousin Marie's living room. They hang above her sofa, which you can not see in the pictures because her 94 year old grandmother was sitting on the sofa at the time, and asked NOT to be in the picture.

The painting grouping got me thinking about how popular and inexpensive it is to use book pages, especially botanicals, to create gallery artwork for a large wall. Here are a few pictures of botanical groupings found through google images. With some inexpensive Ikea frames and a used book, you can have a gallery of art for a steal.

Apartment Therapy did a post on their favorite botanical books for framing. Jenny of The Little Green Notebook wrote about botanicals on black paper. Grace from design*sponge points out that the New York Public Library's digital gallery offers free printable art, and Erin from Elements of Style recommends Panteek for botanical images.

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melifaif said...

Oh wow. Your paintings are my favorite. You are so so talented. Gosh....I can only hope.