Friday, January 21, 2011


Do you know FLOR? They make modular carpet tiles. They have a great concept and product, but this post is not about their flooring. I was flipping through their latest catalogue yesterday, and I noticed a lot of decor items in the photos that I really liked, and wanted to remember and share.

I love this floating wood credenza and bright planet-like painting

Admirable gallery wall

Simple art: A blown up page from the dictionary

Cool loft kitchen & dining room
I like how they made the one big space feel like two rooms

Clever platform rope bed

Motorcycle in the house......just kidding
I'm not usually a fan of old suitcases, but here, in the giant stack atop a rolling cart, I really like them.

I want that plant...and striped blanket...and chair....and painting

Hooray for rainbow book displays on floating wall shelves

I spy an enviable pottery collection atop a fantastic sideboard

Gray color palettes with pops of turquoise, pink and gold really take the cake

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Kelly Timmons said...

I saw the same catalog! I loved the blown up dictonary page along with the hanging light fixtures in the loft photo.