Monday, April 4, 2011

#321...a pillow for sarah

My youngest sister Sarah has been living with Tyler and I for the past few years while in school. She graduated, got a job as a graphic designer, and is ready to fly the coop and move into her own apartment. She and I have similar style taste, and she is very creative, so helping her with her apartment is like getting to put together a dollhouse for me. We are just getting started, and she has been raiding my fabric scraps for her new pad. This weekend, I made her a single lumbar throw pillow for her bed from a scrap of this Thomas Paul fabric and some vintage yellow stripe piping.

She is pairing it with this duvet from Urban Outfitters
I am making some aqua and ivory striped drapes for her window from scraps of a blue & cream cabana stripe leftover from these nursery window shades.

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