Wednesday, April 20, 2011

#328...campaign cabinet

I bought this old campaign style chest at the thrift shop a year or so ago. I bought it because I needed some of the metal edge brackets for use on the campaign style cabinet I had built for my kitchen.

The piece has been sitting homeless for awhile, but I recently redid it for my friend Robin. I had the hardware replated at a metal shop, turning it from shiny brass to brushed nickel.
I painted it with Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray. I used a Latex Enamel and then varnished the piece with MinWax Wipe-on Poly in Satin. Here it is in Robin's living room serving as a sofa side table.


The Davison Daily said...

I love this piece. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christie, Love your blog and this piece. Do you use a power paint sprayer for your projects? I have a few furniture painting projects lined-up and am thinking about buying a wagner or the like, but seems like many create more mess than not. And advice, knowledge appreciated.

Christie Chase said...

Hi Heather,
I usually either brush paint furniture, or for a smoother look I use a 4" foam roller and do multiple light coats. It takes some practice, but it comes out nice and smooth. I have only once used a professional grade paint sprayer and it was on walls. It worked ok, you had to move quickly or it would cause drips. The prep and clean-up took five times longer than the actual painting. I don't have the attention span for that. Good luck!