Monday, August 22, 2011


It has been awhile since I've gotten any new decorating books, so impulsively last week I ordered Undecorate by Christine Lemieux. 
The book profiles 20 homes that take an unconventional, no-rules approach to decorating. By "no-rules" they mean that the houses don't follow any conventional decorating rules often applied by trained interior designers. The houses have a more mix-and-match feel, with regard to different styles of furniture and accessories that the homeowners have collected over time. I thought I'd really glean a lot from this book, as mix-and-match thrift store chic is quintessentially my own personal style. There are some good pics throughout the book, and I have not had time to read any of the the homeowner stories that accompany the pictures; however, overall I'm a little underwhelmed by the book. I skimmed through it pretty quick, and no picture really stopped me in my tracks. I guess I have gotten so used to seeing really inspiring interior pictures just a simple mouse click away, that I had higher expectations for something in print. To be fair, I need to give it a thorough read, but here are a few of my favorite shots that showcase the book's mix-and-match philosophy.


Jen Schmude said...

I think you are underwhelmed because YOU do this better than the pics in the book.

Christie Chase said...

awwww....thanks Jen!

Jony said...

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Sam said...

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