Wednesday, August 31, 2011

#378...rice krispie woes

For the circus shower, I decided to make Rice Krispie balls dipped in chocolate. I'd never made Rice Krispie treats before, but it sounded like a quick, easy idea for our desert table. I found this blog post on chocolate dipped Rice Krispie balls, and followed it, omitting the peppermint part. Also, instead of dipping them and setting them chocolate side down on a plate, I wanted to try making a Rice Krispie ball bouquet, by sticking the skewers in floral foam.
All was going as planned until I noticed that the balls would not stay on the sticks. The heat and weight of the chocolate made them slide right down the bamboo skewers, or completely fall off.
After fighting with the ball bouquets for awhile, trying to get them to work, we... (Tyler really deserves credit for this project)... decided to just put them chocolate side down on plates.
Then, we ran out of time to continue the ball making, so we cut the rest into squares and dipped one edge. All in all it was a tasty result, but a messy project.

I planned to get a bouquet of  balloons for the front porch on party day, but since the temp that day was over 105, the balloons would not have fared well. So, instead I dressed the big chalkboard bunny that we made a couple months ago as a clown, and propped him outside the front door welcoming guests.

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melifaif said... rice crispy treats with chocolat!!!