Monday, August 29, 2011

#377...backyard photo booth

For the circus themed shower this past weekend, I decided to set up a photo booth in my backyard. I got the idea from Smilebooth, a company that rents kits to create your own party photo booth. To create the photo booth I needed a backdrop and props. For a backdrop, I draped fabric from my loft deck toward the ground and printed a "say cheese" sign to give the draped fabric a look of purpose.
Since the shower was circus themed, I gathered circus related props like top hats, clown noses, balloons and a tiger hand puppet. I made a couple of mustache and bow tie props that I cut from paper and felt. I taped a skewer stick to the back for people to hold them.
I also made a giant letter "E", which is going to be the baby's first initial. I cut the "E" from foam board, sprayed adhesive on it, and sprinkled giant glitter confetti on the glue.
Here are a few shots from my homemade backyard photo booth. You can see all of the guests shots here on flickr. I had a really good time with this. I can't wait to do it again.


Marie said...

I love the gray chevron fabric, where is it from??

Christie Chase said...

The gray chevron fabric is from Premier is a link

(If this is you Marie M, then I'm happy to bring you yardage of this when I come you can see I have me)