Monday, October 31, 2011

#406...lyla's nursery


Lyla obviously likes her nursery, as evidenced by her fist pump

I used a few of my favorite vintage finds in Lyla's room, including the yellow flower crewel piece over the crib, the fabric that I made the drapes from, the swag petal lamp, and the small owl prints over the changing table 

The rocking chair and crib skirt fabric is sold here

The rainbow glitter "L" that we made for the room, ended up looking a little too color crazed, so we made a more subdued silver glitter "L" in cursive.

The small ceramic animals I originally wanted to glue to the clock, but Julie liked the display in front of the lamp, so we left it for now. Julie and I spent our childhood allowance collecting the animals from a small gift shop in New Hampshire where our grandparents live. I guess they would be considered vintage too, as they are about 25 - 30 years old.

I painted the tree silhouette on the right side curved entry wall because it is a narrow space, and I wanted to make that area feel bigger and brighter


kl2069 said...

Wonderful! I love the use of the miniatures, I still have mine in my parent's room at home!

Unknown said...

Awesome!!! What a lucky little girl :) Great job Christie!!!

Julie said...

We absolutely love it! Often find myself standing in the room admiring every piece of it - thank you!