Friday, February 10, 2012

#447...lately in my kitchen

I've been busy whipping up dishes from the veggies I got last week. Cooking is not my forte, so I'm pretty pleased with myself that I made these edible and also yummy dishes.

....and to top off all this healthy eating, I gobbled up two of these giant shortbread jam heart cookies that an admirer left on my porch as a sweet Valentine's treat!


Teri said...

If you have an iphone, check out the foodily app. Lots of recipes for all those weird CSA goodies w/beautiful pictures to make you drool.

Christie Chase said...

.....and yet another good reason that I should bite the bullet and get an iphone : )

Sara Carolina said...

That beet hummus has such beautiful color! Yum. I want to eat all your food! (& those cookies!)

Janet said... has wonderful vegetarian recipes, but the photography is also incredible and Heidi is a wonderful human being as well. She plays with csa boxes, too.:)

Christie Chase said...

Hi Janet,
Thanks for that great recipe resource!