Monday, February 20, 2012

#451...patchwork scottie

My little friend Violet really likes dogs. She had a play-date with my dogs recently, and let out big excited squeals when they came anywhere near her. So, for her first birthday, I thought it appropriate to make her a doggie of her own.
I made this little patchwork scottie dog from Denyse Schmidt's free pattern, found here. I used bits of recycled wool from vintage sweaters and skirts as well as various cottons to make Violet's puppy. I would rate the dog as an intermediate sewing project. The directions are very good, but all of the corners that get sewn put the pattern out of the beginner category. 
It is really awesome that Denyse offers free patterns. Sarah and I are thinking of making this market tote as her next "learning to sew" project.

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