Monday, February 27, 2012


For my friend Nancy's wedding, I helped her gather vintage cake stands to be used to display the many dessert pies served. She wanted a combo of metal stands and glass stands. I thrifted the first few stands, and realized that most cake stands are all about the same height, and that to create a display of stands of varying heights I'd have to get crafty with epoxy. I gathered a bunch of metal and glass plates, and a bevy of glass compotes, vases and metal candlestick holders and went to work gluing components together to create a varied height display. Here are a few of the plates and base options before.
Here are the stands as I was arranging and gluing them together.

...and here they are at the wedding

....and all dressed up with pie
my friend Robin took these wedding pics on her iphone in instagram.
Here is one of Tyler and I that she took outside of the airstream trailer camp at the ranch.

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